Heading into the 4th week…

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This is our fourth week at work and we’re SO BLESSED to have so many donations and so many helpers.  With the Meridian Street bridge still closed and blocking through traffic from downtown, we still did enough to hit our sales goals for the first month.  At this rate, we will be able to donate $10s of thousands of dollars to the agencies we support in our first year of operation.

So as we wrap our first month, we’ve learned:

  1. We really need a truck (hint hint hint)
  2. We really love the people at Lincoln Village, OMG they are awesome.  They help us move stuff, load stuff, give stuff away and help people not connected to them.  No wonder they have been so successful, they ROCK!
  3. We really love all the people that bring us stuff, great stuff, expensive stuff, stuff by the truckload!  They drop it off, say good luck and go about their day and in doing this, they have stocked the store with over $40,000 in inventory!  How cool is that?!
  4. We are only as good as our people.  Dusty and Tristan were placed in my path by the Holy Spirit.  I am sure of that one thing.  They were (are) the perfect people for the job we needed doing: running the store.  They have since found Nettie and Ron through Lincoln Village and she’s a fantastic  assistant manager for the store.  There are others too, too many to mention, who have been pitching in at the store.
  5. We love church groups who come through the Village on walking tours.  They stop at the store and shop and encourage us and buy things!  Love those kids.
  6. We even love the mentally challenged guy who lives around the corner, even though he comes in the store and yells and startles us sometimes.  He’s not really dangerous, he’s just not 100% capable of managing his volume control.  But hey, we all have our faults right?

So that’s what we’ve learned so far this month.  Stop by and see us and lend a hand!  We’re having entirely too much fun down there…